Le RSS se meurt. Mais il était déjà beaucoup, beaucoup malade.

Google Chrome has no RSS reader. It doesn’t even try to render RSS, or even help the user with it in any way. It gives less of a crap than a French man smoking a cigarette in public.

Mozilla will deal the final blow that kills RSS off. In Firefox 4.0, there will be no RSS button on the toolbar by default. Mozilla outright refuse to listen (33 bloody votes!) to their users on this matter.

The reason for this is that statistically, only 3%–7% of users use the RSS button on the toolbar. If not enough people use it already, then how many less people are going to use it if it’s not there by default? How many regular users customise their toolbar to add a button they barely use?

RSS Is Dying, and You Should Be Very Worried, Camen Design

Mon avis: ça a jamais été grand public, ça le sera jamais. Coudonc.

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