La nouvelle génération au travail: attentes et besoins.

Le Millennial Compass s’est penché sur ce qui compte pour les travailleurs de 30 ans et moins partout au monde. Essentiellement:

  • They’re ambitious and not necessarily loyal to an organization. They want to move on, up and out quickly.
  • They want managers who respect and trust them, provide coaching and mentoring and are trusting and trustworthy.
  • They need lots of support and positive feedback.
  • They look to a manager who is a friend or a peer. They seek bosses who share their knowledge and experience, and they respect experience over job titles or positions.
  • They don’t believe they need a good boss in order to be successful.
  • They admire managers with higher levels of social self-awareness, self- confidence, cultural alignment to the organization and feedback-giving compared to their own personal capabilities.
  • Work-life balance is important to them, and they believe they have a strong work ethic.
  • Millennials in BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries see international assignments and experience as far more important than Millennials in the Western world.

Le plus important, à mes yeux: le besoin de feedback. Olivier Fleurot, CEO chez MSLGROUP, un partenaire de l’étude, rappelle que le feedback, ça se donne (et reçoit!) pas seulement à l’évaluation annuelle:

Make no mistake though – if you think you can address these important points through the traditional annual performance review or appraisal, you’re very wrong. As the rhythm of business has speeded up dramatically thanks to real-time communications – and Millennials’ horizons, and expectations, have expanded dramatically compared to previous generations – so has the notion of a single, once-a-year performance review grown outdated. Gen Y workers are a feedback-hungry group that expects regular opportunities to provide and receive feedback. Our study in fact shows that no matter where in the world a Millennial worker is employed, the willingness of their manager to deliver steady feedback on their employees’ performance is one of the key traits they consider makes an ‘ideal manager’.

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