De la lecture du moment, et de la nouvelle année

2015 sera chargée. Des résolutions? Pas vraiment. Un (un?) souhait? Oui.

Plus de focus. Faire des choix. Simplifier.

La lecture du moment (Reclaim Your Job) tombe juste à point. Et pas juste pour reclaimer notre job.

Almost everyone complains about not having enough time to deal with all the demands on them, but, in reality, a highly fragmented day is also a very lazy day. It can seem easier to fight fires than to set priorities and stick to them. The truth is that managers who carefully set boundaries and priorities achieve far more than busy ones do.

To beat the busy habit, managers must overcome the psychological desire to be indispensable. Because their work is interactive and interdependent, most managers thrive on their sense of importance to others. When they are not worrying about meeting their superiors’ (or their clients’) expectations, they fret about their direct reports, often falling victim to the popular fallacy that good bosses always make themselves available. At first, managers—particularly novices—seem to thrive on all this clamoring for their time; the busier they are, the more valuable they feel. Inevitably, however, things start to slip. Eventually, many managers simply burn out and fail, not only because they find little time to pursue their own agendas but also because, in trying to please everyone, they typically end up pleasing no one.

Mon point: ça s’applique dans toutes les sphères de nos vies. Choisir. Épurer pour mieux apprécier. Simplifier pour oublier.

Et ça se couple bien avec l’autre lecture du moment: The Power of a Positive No.

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